Since 2010, PSI has been implementing the Enhanced Community Health Project, with support from Esso Highlands Limited (Exxon). The program focuses on areas within Hela and Central Provinces and addresses a range of public health issues such as Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) initiatives, which include:

Community Led Total Sanitation
Community Led Total Sanitation - CLTS is an integrated approach to achieving and sustaining open defecation free status in targeted communities. The CLTS process results includes: the improvement of latrine design, the adoption and improvement of hygienic practices, care, protection and maintenance of drinking water sources, and other environmental measures. PSI follows up with the communities 2-3 weeks after the community-led analysis to help motivate the community to adhere to the action plan

Interpersonal Communication

Interpersonal communications (IPC) focuses on one-on-one and small group interactions to address the underlying causes of risk taking and specific barriers to behavior change. PSI uses IPC to promote water treatment, hand washing, and appropriate treatment for diarrhea. WASH kit distribution – To complement the WASH health messages relayed through IPC, PSI distributes critical health products to enable behavior change that helps prevent and manage illness.  

A WASH kit includes;

    - A (20-liter) bucket with lid and tap for safe water storage 
    - Aquatabs for point-of-use in-home water treatment  
    - Oral Rehydration Salts (ORS) for the treatment of dehydration associated  
      with diarrheal episodes 
    - Soap

 Helti Man Helti Meri 

To afford immediate response to any diarrheal 
episodes and to provide sustainability, PSI has identified focal points to help community members immediately respond to diarrhoeal episodes. These volunteers, referred to as a Helti Man/Helti Meri, receive WASH training and a monthly resupply of WASH products including zinc, ORS and Aquatabs, from PSI. Additionally lack of water is key barrier to proper hand washing. The Tippy Tap is a simple hand washing device that supplies running water, and requires about a tenth of the normal quantity of water per hand washing. PSI trains community members on how to install tippy taps.

WASH Impact