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Population Services International (PSI) recently launched its new condom, Papua New Guinea’s first ribbed and scented condom - Seif Raida Orange Plus! Seif Raida Orange Plus is an interesting new addition to our range of affordable high quality condoms with a fun twist of orange scented and   ribbed texture that can be bought at an affordable price with a life-span of (4) years.


    -Orange scented                                            -Foil is Seif-Raida Branded 
    -Rib textured                                                 -Smaller pocket size packaging 
    -Thinner Lubricated                                        -K3 packet price 
    -Electronically tested                                     -Expiry Date is  located outside on the pack  
    -ISO Certified - Meets International Standards    -Has a life span of 4 years  
    -Endorsed by National Aids Council Secretariat    -First of its kind ( Papua New Guinea’s own branded condom 

PSI/PNG has been working in partnership with the National Department of Health (NDoH), the National AIDS Council Secretariat (NACS) and organizations such as the Business Coalition against HIV and AIDS (BAHA). Our aim is to influence healthy behaviour change by providing access to effective communications, affordable products and help Papua New Guinean’s protect their health. PSI also employs the commercial marketing approach in our condom sale and distribution strategy to make our Seif Raida and Stap Seif brands available at pharmacies and supermarkets, hence encourage our commercial partners to influence the use of condoms to Papua New Guineans through purchase and sale of Seif Raida and Stap Seif condoms.  

Condoms reduce the risk of sexually transmitted infections (including HIV) and ill-timed pregnancies. If used consistently and correctly, they have the potential to create a better quality of life for Papua New Guineans.